Random Acts of Kindness inspires students

Jellybeans weren’t the only things that were sweet at St. Thomas University on Friday. Free treats encouraged students to be kind and positive.

The reason:  Random Act of Kindness day. This citywide initiative aims to inspire people to have a positive attitude when interacting with others. St. Thomas always takes part and every year, there are plenty of smiling faces.

Monica Rosvall, a Bachelor of Education student at St. Thomas University. Photo: Haley Stairs.

This year, Bachelor of Education students like Monica Rosvall organized the day on campus.

“Although we should be kind everyday, sometimes we forget. We get tired and we get impatient with people but having a day like today just to remind us of it. I think it reminds us that we’re a community and we all have to work together to just bring each other up and encourage each other along the way.”

Random Act of Kindness day motivates people across Fredericton to be kind to one another and to pay it forward when someone does something for them. The Fredericton Community Foundation distributed 20 000 cards across the city. Students were more than willing to pass them along with a smile.

The good will can inspire students like Lauren Hoyt.

Sweets were provided to brighten everyone’s day. Photo: Cassidy Chisholm

“I got a cookie from someone walking around like handing out things for Random Act of Kindness and it definitely inspired me to do something today, like not just today, but really any day.”

The annual event raises spirits all around Fredericton and makes people think selflessly. The committee aims to remind people that they need to be kind on a daily basis.

The cards are still on display. A reminder that Random Acts of Kindness do not have to be limited to one day a year.


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