Student gets more than she bargained for while renting

With a high school diploma in hand and a new desire for more responsibility, students attending post-secondary must decide where they’ll be living.

There are few options for students when moving to a new city. Living on campus can be expensive but renting an apartment may lead to a slew of problems.

Mackenzie Boyd has been dealing with the stress of school, work, and an apartment that seems to be falling apart. Photo: Cassidy Chisholm

Mackenzie Boyd, a senior at the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage in downtown Fredericton, found what she thought was the perfect apartment in March of 2015. She signed a year lease that would begin August 2015.

When viewing the apartment, Boyd didn’t consider the problems she could face when renting.

After a few weeks of moving in, Boyd discovered that her neighbours smoked marijuana.

“This is a non-smoking building, so I thought that we wouldn’t have to deal with stuff like this,” said Boyd.

After she called the landlord, a notice was sent out to each tenant but nothing changed. The building is supposed to be smoke-free.

“I find that my clothes and furniture have picked up the smell of smoke, but so far nothing has been done,” said Boyd.

Careless neighbors aren’t the only thing that Boyd has dealt with after more than a year of living in the space. The winter months are the hardest. Although she is on the top floor of the building, the apartment remains cold because of drafts that come through the windows and cracks in the walls. Boyd has recently discovered mold in one of the corners of the bedrooms and after notifying the landlord, no one has been in to fix anything.

The mold has been eating away at the wall causing a draft. Photo: Cassidy Chisholm

The mold is her biggest concern. Boyd recently adopted a cat and doesn’t want the mold to affect her health or her own.

This first bad experience hasn’t swayed Boyd from renting, although she is moving to a different apartment when her lease is up in August. This time she’ll be getting a closer look before signing anything.

Originally published on The Second Year Reports on January 19th, 2017.


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