Spring weather ahead for Fredericton

This is my most recent video that I edited for my video journalism class. Full video: https://youtu.be/X5iB2oApbWM Text-over-video: https://youtu.be/Ilp_nEcOXlM


Leveling up at St. Thomas

Academic success while in university isn’t easy. It takes work, determination, and a certain kind of mindset to achieve straight A status. As a part of its Student Skills Workshop Series, St. Thomas University provides free workshops that offer tips and tricks to help students improve their academic experience. These one hour group sessions cover … Continue reading Leveling up at St. Thomas

Student gets more than she bargained for while renting

With a high school diploma in hand and a new desire for more responsibility, students attending post-secondary must decide where they’ll be living. There are few options for students when moving to a new city. Living on campus can be expensive but renting an apartment may lead to a slew of problems. Mackenzie Boyd, a … Continue reading Student gets more than she bargained for while renting

Village receives much needed updates

https://youtu.be/bjSVlLM4gDE A village just outside of Fredericton, with a population of no more than 1300, will be receiving $1.7 million from the federal government and $893 000 from the provincial government for a new wastewater sewage facility. This is just one of the projects underway for the village. In May of 2016, Chipman, N.B. elected … Continue reading Village receives much needed updates

Seabuckthorn is on the rise in Chipman thanks to Big Sky Ventures

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of highlighting a local business in my hometown. I had heard many good things about Big Sky Ventures and the week I had an assignment due they just so happened to be hosting an open house that weekend that including wine-tasting and snowshoeing, two of my favourite … Continue reading Seabuckthorn is on the rise in Chipman thanks to Big Sky Ventures

Random Acts of Kindness inspires students

https://youtu.be/o_4MBpxejsQ Jellybeans weren’t the only things that were sweet at St. Thomas University on Friday. Free treats encouraged students to be kind and positive. The reason:  Random Act of Kindness day. This citywide initiative aims to inspire people to have a positive attitude when interacting with others. St. Thomas always takes part and every year, … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness inspires students